Astatine Song

The Astatine Song is a song that celebrates our active association and our surroundings. Partly in English, partly in Dutch, the song also shows the good mix between the traditional and modern parts within the association.

The song is sung on the melody of ‘Molly Malone‘ by the ‘Dubliners

Verse 1

In de stad Enschede 1
bij de studie AT 2,
hoort studievereniging SVAT Astatine 3.
Op de campus UTwente,
zo jong als de lente,
is ons Astatine nog heel lang te zien.

Chorus: 4

Wij zijn Astatine:
de alom geziene;
de hoogste vereniging van de UT 5.

Verse 3

With eighty-five protons
and seven electrons,
we’re active, reactive and positive too.
Together we lighted,
in orange united,
the flame of our passion: it’s still burning true.


Verse 4

Ev’rywhere on the campus
you’re able to find us,
we travel the world with our broad expertise.
The moments we treasure,
of business and pleasure,
are worth a lot more than our final degrees.


Verse 2 6

In den Nederlanden
zul je bij ons belanden,
wanneer je op zoek bent naar kunde en macht.
Breng samen de kennis,
Homo Universalis,
wij zullen vernieuwen, dat is onze pracht!


Op de hoogste!

1. The -de of Enschede should be sung as [dayhay]
2. AT is sung per letter, like this: [AyTeehee]
3. SVAT is pronounced as one word, -tine of Astatine becomes [teen]
4. The chorus is repeated once
5. UT is sung per letter, [YouTee]
6. The 2nd verse is usually skipped

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