We are happy to announce that the Astatine rooms are open again!

We hope to see you passing by at Carré 3114(members room) and Carré 3112(board room).

Op de hoogste!

S.A. Astatine is the study association for Advanced Technology and Nanotechnology students at the University of Twente. We are an international, non-profit association that support the students (and staff) of Advanced Technology and Nanotechnology in providing a community, creating opportunities for personal development, and evaluating the curriculum.  This is done by the means of a combination of both educational and extracurricular activities.

Have a look around!

Teacher lunch Lecture
Teacher Lunch Lecture
Teacher lunch Lecture
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Company Dinner
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NICAT 2019
First Year's Camp (NICAT)
NICAT 2019
Sailing Trip
GALA 2020
Gala 2020
GALA 2020
LithiumWerks Excursion
Skitrip Davos 2019
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On the passing away of Miko Elwenspoek

Last week on the 13th of April Miko Elwenspoek, the founder of Advanced Technology, passed away. We are very sad to hear about his passing and our condolences go out to his family and friends. We should all realise how much we owe to the man who founded our study. Though very few of us have actually known Miko Elwenspoek, his belief in a multidisciplinary study has affected all of our lives.

We are thankful for all the time and effort he has put in the founding and developing of the bachelor Advanced Technology.

ASML Virtual Career Days

There is no other company like ASML. Explore ASML from inside at  The ASML Virtual Career Days: Take a journey across the functions of ASML’s lithography machines to learn how your field of study contributes to making the most advanced machines in the world work.

Learn more: www.asml.com/excursions#careerdays
Register before March 15


Online Open Day

13th of November 2020

Last week, the university open days took place, where Advanced Technology had their own platform to reach possible new students. With a live-panel and our very own “call-centre” with the 1-on-1 chatters, both in the homebase, we can definitely say that we had a successful open day!

ASML Excursion

ASML now offers ‘excursions’ to join from the comfort of your couch!
Especially in these uncertain times, technology has proven to be a force for good. At ASML, we’re proud to contribute significantly to this progress.
Would you like to learn how your field of study relates to the evolution of technology, or are you curious to hear how ASML enables its people to keep pushing technology forward working from home?
In November, you can!

ASML organizes ‘excursions’ for engineering students in their third year or above. The event will happen on the 26th of November. During the online program, which runs from 14:00-16:00 CET, you will:

  • Watch two students have a question-and-answer session with ASML CEO Peter Wennink
  • Go on a video tour of the ASML Veldhoven campus
  • Challenge your knowledge of ASML with a quiz
  • Participate in a live Q&A session with ASML engineers, matched to your field of study
  • Attend one of three different live presentations:
    • ASML internships
    • Working at ASML
    • ASML technology

Sign up now at www.asml.com/excursions , the sign-up deadline is the 12th of November.

For questions you can contact Marieke at,
marieke@workingatasml.com or mobile at +31644275468.