S.A. Astatine is the study association for Advanced Technology and Nanotechnology students at the University of Twente. We are an international, non-profit association that support the students (and staff) of Advanced Technology and Nanotechnology in providing a community, creating opportunities for personal development, and evaluating the curriculum.  This is done by the means of a combination of both educational and extracurricular activities.

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Skitrip Davos 2019
LithiumWerks Excursion
Company Dinner
Dies Natalis
Sailing Trip
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15th Board of S.A. Astatine

On September 5th 2019, the 15th board took over the responsibility of S.A. Astatine from the 14th board. They look forward to a fruitful year together.

Ward Huijskes – Chairman
Tom Veldman – Secretary
Simone van der Hoek – Treasurer
Marly Nales – Commissioner of Educational Affairs
Smilla Staps – Commissioner of External Relations
Siân Hallsworth – Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Grolsch Excursion

It has become a yearly tradition to visit the Grolsch Brewery in Enschede. This year we went with 22 students! We first had a tour of the brewery where it was explained to us how the beer is made and after that we got to taste some of their beers in their pub: 1615. All in all it was a great excursion!

ATAC Paintballing

On the 12 of June, the ATAC commission organized a trip to the local paintball hall in Enschede. With almost 20 subscribers it was definitely a successful activity. The track was laid out really good which made the games a lot more strategic and fun. Everyone had an amazing time and ended the game with a smile on their face. Therefore this activity will surely be a yearly thing 😉

Sailing Weekend

In the weekend of 17-19 May, Astatine went to conquer the Tjeukermeer in Friesland! It was an active weekend, full of sailing and playing boardgames in the evenings. Although the winds were not always in our favour, we had some real sailing going on! Nobody drowned though, luckily.