The 18th board

The 18th board of S.A. Astatine was formally constituted on September 8, 2022. The 17th board of S.A. Astatine was dismissed and the following six individuals were simultaneously tasked to proudly lead the study association for the upcoming year during the GMA, which traditionally lasted well into the evening.

  • Maaike Strik – Chairwoman
  • Joschka Beck – Secretary & Commissioner of internationalization
  • Lars van den Burg – Treasurer
  • Mees van Deijl – Commissioner of Educational Affairs
  • Matthijs Sluijk – Commissioner of External Affairs
  • Joep Meussen – Commissioner of Internal Affairs
(from left to right: Joep Meussen, Mees van Deijl, Joschka Beck, Maaike Strik, Lars van den Burg, Matthijs Sluijk)
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