Europe Trip Announcement!

On the 13th of February, the destination of the yearly Europe Trip was announced during a drink. In 2019, Astatine will be visiting the cities of Prague, Brno, Bratislava, Vienna and Stuttgart! There we will be visiting local companies and enjoy the cultural attractions. Find out more about this trip on the website.

Culture Fair

On the 6th of February, together with 4 other study associations, a culture fair was organised. International students showed their culture to the visitors, by handing out local delicacies and playing local games. It was an exciting evening!

Fridge Competition – Module 2

During the past nine weeks, the first-year Advanced Technology students have been working on building a cooling system that cools 0.33L of water as much as possible in half an hours. They had to make a design using the Stirling cycle and make a mathematical model to predict how well their system would work.

On the 25th of January, a competition was held to see which cooling system worked best. The Advanced Technology groups performed very well, but an Applied Physics group won in the end.

ATtentie 13-1

The new ATtentie is out! Read it now by clicking the ATtentie below.