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At the forefront of integrated circuit innovation, an industry of light-based microchips has been developing since the turn of the millennium. LioniX International was there from the start. We are an integrated photonics design house, foundry, and packaging specialists based right in Enschede. We provide silicon nitride chips and modules to clients all over the globe. The industries that use our expertise span a wide range of applications, from tele- and data-com, to AR and VR, to medical diagnostics, to space exploration, to metrology, to quantum processing. Our modules ensure that future products are smaller, use less power, produce less heat, enable larger bandwidths, detect pathogens more accurately, and are more resistant to environmental conditions.

We produce photonic integrated circuits (PICs), customized micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), and opto-fluidics. We provide custom solutions to OEMs and system integrators, from chip design to fully assembled modules, through vertical integration and in scalable production volumes. LioniX International has driven the technology development and commercialization of photonic integrated circuits for a suite of applications since 2001. Our highly educated team includes photonic and mechanical engineers, nanotechnologists, applied physicists, software developers, and other technical workers of various backgrounds. We have decades of experience in integrated photonics between our staff. 

Photonic Integrated Circuit Modules

We offer PIC modules that are based on our proprietary silicon nitride TriPleX® waveguide platform, which supports ultra-low loss waveguide geometries and is transparent over a broad range of wavelengths (405-2350 nm). As a result, these PIC modules are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, from telecom/datacom to life sciences, to metrology, to quantum processing and sensing. We take care of the design of the photonic chips, the design of the fabrication processes required to manufacture them, the fabrication of the chips in our world-class cleanroom, the sourcing of additional chips and their assembly, the characterization of the complete assembly, the packaging of the modules, and the software required to control them. We aim to be a one-stop shop for integrated photonic solutions, so we co-design all aspects of the modules to ensure optimal performance.

Customized MEMS

We provide customized MEMS solutions, with flexibility in design as well as in process, and we produce these in small to medium volumes. With us, our customers can leave the standard processing routes and develop customized process variations and combinations to achieve manufacturable solutions meeting their specification requirements. Our MEMS solutions are applicable in many markets, such as bioMEMS, microfluidics, physical and chemical sensors, and opto-fluidics.

Our Clients

We work closely with our OEM clients and system integrators in product-development projects. We support the volume demands of different applications and production life cycles through scalable production volume. Our facility in Enschede includes a state-of-the-art cleanroom and supports small, medium, and high production volumes, as well as customized process developments. Our modules, packaged in the complete range of low to high volume, rely on our cost effective and automated assembly technology.

Working at LioniX International

We are currently a team of 60+ employees and are always growing. We are always open to requests for internship and thesis work as well as open solicitation for fixed employment. Our diverse dossier of clients means that we are always adjusting our designs and processes to arrive at optimal solutions for different applications. Our work for our clients is at the cutting edge of technology, so you will always be involved in making proposed solutions possible and novel devices a reality. Next to our commercial work, we are involved in many Dutch and European R&D projects to collaborate with research and industry partners and push the boundaries of our field further. The variety of projects and their application areas means that there is always an interest problem to solve, and we let our engineers be flexible in choosing which projects are most interesting for them to tackle. We set a generous personal development budget to allow them to grow their interests and professional repertoire. We offer competitive salaries and aim for long-term employment, as we believe that stability and healthy work-life balance is essential for our workers’ happiness and productivity. Our team is composed of a diverse set of individuals from many different backgrounds, while our work culture remains quintessentially Dutch: informal, direct, and ‘gezellig.’

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