Nanotechnology is a two year internationally oriented masters programme. The programme focuses on the design, creation and study of functional materials, structures, devices and systems by directly controlling matter on the nanometre scale.

Nanotechnology is an emerging field that brings together elements from traditional disciplines, such as applied physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and biology. At the nanoscale, which covers structures that range from 1 to 100 nanometers, the physical and chemical properties of materials undergo quantitative and qualitative changes. The multidisciplinary research field of nanotechnology focuses on these changes with a view to designing and developing functional materials, structures, devices and systems.

More information on Nanotechnology can be found by clicking this link. 

Course overview

Throughout the programme you will have the opportunity to specialize in the following profiles:

  • Solid State Matter
  • (Bio)Molecular Matter
  • Soft Matter combined with Components and Systems

Each profile has its own courses. More information on the courses can be found by clicking this link. 

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