The 18th board

The 18th board of S.A. Astatine was formally constituted on September 8, 2022. The 17th board of S.A. Astatine was dismissed and the following six individuals were simultaneously tasked to proudly lead the study association for the upcoming year during the GMA, which traditionally lasted well into the evening.

  • Maaike Strik – Chairwoman
  • Joschka Beck – Secretary & Commissioner of internationalization
  • Lars van den Burg – Treasurer
  • Mees van Deijl – Commissioner of Educational Affairs
  • Matthijs Sluijk – Commissioner of External Affairs
  • Joep Meussen – Commissioner of Internal Affairs
(from left to right: Joep Meussen, Mees van Deijl, Joschka Beck, Maaike Strik, Lars van den Burg, Matthijs Sluijk)

BUCOM 2022

The Astatine Europe trip

This year we were finally able to have a BUCOM (our Europe trip) again. The BUCOM spend a lot of time organizing this trip to Freiburg, Grenoble, Barcelona, Toulouse and Paris including some very interesting excursions. With 57 Student we visited universities in both Grenoble and Barcelona and had a tour at Airbus. Besides these excursions we enjoyed a lot of cultural sightseeing, cafe’s, restaurants and the various nightlife’s in the various cities.

Thanks to the committee for organizing this amazing and successful trip.

Op de hoogste!


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17th Board charged

September 9th

It is with great pleasure that the 17th board of S.A. Astatine can announce that they have officially been constituted on the 9th of September 2021 as followed:


Wouter Koetsier – Chairman and commissioner of education and masters

Yannick Vos – Secretary and commissioner of promotion

Julia Vendrig – Treasurer and commissioner of internationalization

Mark Schleidt – Commissioner of External and Internal affairs


On the passing away of Miko Elwenspoek

Last week on the 13th of April Miko Elwenspoek, the founder of Advanced Technology, passed away. We are very sad to hear about his passing and our condolences go out to his family and friends. We should all realise how much we owe to the man who founded our study. Though very few of us have actually known Miko Elwenspoek, his belief in a multidisciplinary study has affected all of our lives.

We are thankful for all the time and effort he has put in the founding and developing of the bachelor Advanced Technology.

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