SSA 2021

The SSA (Stichting Studiereis Astatine) is the independent study trip of Astatine. Next summer 25 students will visit the technical, social and scientific aspects of Singapore and Australia. The theme of the trip will be “Nano country and macro island”. The students will be participating in the organization for one total year and this organization consists of 3 parts, a course, case-work and the planning and organization of the trip itself. In this way, it is learning, earning and entertaining all together! The trip is open for all Astatine member who at least have 45 EC’s.

For application, please hand in:

  • a motivation letter
  • CV
  • and a summary of your Osiris transcript.

Applications or questions can be send to:
The deadline for the applications is the 26th of June.

Looking forward to your application!

ATtentie 14-3

If you’re not yet sick of the lockdown, there is now a new Attentie to entertain you! Filled with past Astatine activities to fill you with longing, online activities to keep you sane and articles of borderline insanity, we hope to help you survive the last bit of this weird time. If you haven’t found it on your doorstep you can click on the image below to read it.

Education Award Astatine 2019/2020

The results of the Education Award of Astatine are in! The big winner of the award is …

Prof. Dr. Serge Lemay

Unfortunately there could not be a ceremony, but luckily the flowers arrived safely 🙂


Gala 2020: Fire & Ice

On the 5th of March, we held our yearly Gala with Study Associations Proto and Atlantis. Our members came out in their finest suits and dresses to dance the night away.  We had great music, even better people and an amazing photographer to capture it all.  It was surely a night to remember! 


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