Gala 2020: Fire & Ice

On the 5th of March, we held our yearly Gala with Study Associations Proto and Atlantis. Our members came out in their finest suits and dresses to dance the night away.  We had great music, even better people and an amazing photographer to capture it all.  It was surely a night to remember! 


ATtentie 14-2

Is quarantine already becoming too boring to cope with? Fear not! Through perfect planning, some not-so-ominous foresight and some good old procrastination the new Attentie managed to land just in time to save you! If you’re feeling philosophical, Yannick has tackled the topic of consciousness. Or if you can’t take it anymore, maybe Ruben can help you picking the right piece of music to set your mood straight. And that is just a small pick from this edition! We hope we can bring you all some joy in these weird times. Click the image below to get straight to reading.

Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

Recently we held a Bob Ross painting tutorial where members could explore their creative sides and enjoying a relaxing evening after a long day of coursework. We all painted the same picturesque mountain sunset scene on canvas, but somehow each person’s painting turned out differently. We experimented with the oil paints uniquely and all had our very own “happy little accidents”. Nevertheless, each work of art turned out beautifully and we were all very happy with the results.

Astatine ski trip 2020

In February 2020, Astatine visited the ski resort of Risoul with 18 people. For a full 6 days, we explored the region’s slopes and mountains. Unfortunately no picture a the highest point of Risoul but a nice picture of us at the après-ski.

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