Teacher of the year 2019

We are very happy to announce that T.S. Craig (Tracy) this year our best professor is according to all AT students! Tracy Craig is well-known and very appreciated by the first and second-year students of Advanced Technology.

After the nominations 4 teachers were chosen by the students: Marcel ter Brake, Michel de Jong, Eddy de Jong, and Tracy Craig. Already in the nominations, Tracy Craig won a high percentage of votes. During the educational debate about topics like testing, teaching, use of laptops and differentiation between teachers were used, and for every topic, multiple teachers went in multiple directions. In the end, the attending students were able to vote, and we are happy to announce that Tracy Craig is the best AT-Teacher of 2018.

But what makes her the best teacher? Since February 2018, Tracy Craig is a teacher at the University of Twente in the Mathematics department. From the beginning on she was involved in the courses Mathematics for first-year students. During her lessons, you feel her passion for mathematics, and in that way, the most abstract parts of mathematics become visual. With her lively and enthusiastic way of speaking she gets everyone interested, although the sentence “could you please keep silent” is probably her most spoken sentence of all time.

Besides that Tracy Craig gives enthusiastic and interesting lectures, she is also involved in almost all tutorials and self-studies. In those lessons, she will get to know you, your name, your mathematical skills and after some weeks she even knows the most effective strategy of explaining per student. You are always welcome in her office and in that way she is not only a teacher of Mathematics but also your coach, helpdesk and willing to answer all other questions.

ATtenTie 13-2

The new ATtenTie is out again! Enjoy the read by clicking on the picture! This edition includes very new and interesting articles as you can expect from the ATtenCie!

PCV Excursion

On Thursday the 21st of March we went to PCV Group with a group of third-year students. We started off with a presentation about the company followed by some Chinese food and a tour of the building.

Next, we got a case presented to us for which we had to find a solution in groups of 2 or 3 people. We had to design a dispensing machine for sugar cubes for a coffee machine. After an hour of discussing different ideas we had to present our final idea and a winner was chosen.

Thank you very much to Philip Emmens for organising the case! Click here to find out more about PCV group.

Drive in Dancin’

On March 13th our yearly Gala took place in the Jaargetijden. This year the gala was organised together with S.A. Proto, with as theme Drive in Dancin’.

Together with 230 people, we enjoyed an amazing night with lots of dancing, good company, and music from Undressed Broccoli!