10th Board

From September 2014 till September 2015, the 10th board was in charge of S.V.A.T. Astatine, consisting of

 From left to right: Lotte Kattenberg, Sylvio van Ditzhuijzen, Shirley Fedder, Maarten Assendorp, Rowin van Roemburg, Nathalie Geerlings

Maarten Assendorp – Chairman

The spontaneous and gleeful Maarten will lead S.V.A.T. Astatine this year as its chairman. His task is to stimulate a coherent, productive and accessible 10th board and to make even more of the association this year. In his past Astatine career, he has been active in the sports- and colloquium committee. Next, to being board member at Astatine, Maarten is an active salsa and ballroom dancer at 4HappyFeet (where he has also been a board member!), plays in musicals at NEST and is busy organizing activities for the charity foundation Hope XXL.

Shirley Fedder – Secretary

Shirley Fedder will take up the pen for the tenth board and fulfil the secretarial tasks this year.  Born and raised in Losser she is the boards connection to the beautiful surroundings of our University, Twente, making her our “bestuurstukker”. Always a ray of sunshine in the boardroom she lights it up during the darker winter days. After a long day of working she can also be found in the associations bar, the TAP, being a member of the drinks committee the BOSS. Besides all this, she also started ballroom dancing this year,  a hobby that is enjoyed by more board members. In her free time, she also likes to make her house on the campus smell nice by making a lot of lovely cakes.    

Rowin van Roemburg – Treasurer

Money is power.  And this year Rowin will have the power of the money of Astatine. She will use this power wisely and make sure that the money will be spent to benefit the members of Astatine as good as possible. Besides looking after the finances of Astatine she will also be found swirling around on the dance floor dancing ballroom.

Sylvio van Ditzhuijzen – Educational Affairs

Sylvio van Ditzhuijzen is the commissioner of educational affairs with the most affection for pizza in Astatine history. You’ll find him in the ice rink for ice hockey, where he started this year as a goalie. When a board member needs anything related to the website or the webapps, Sylvio is the one that will be contacted, for he is in the ITco for two years now. Besides that, he is making really beautiful pictures in is function as Flitcie member. With his beard, black hair and piercing look you will recognize him as the real man of the tenth board. 

Nathalie Geerlings – External affairs

Now that she has finished her Bachelor thesis, Nathalie can fully concentrate on contacting companies interesting for AT students. This is why we can offer you all those cool colloquia and excursions, and of course why we can do awesome stuff in general, since she is responsible for the sponsorships Astatine receives. In her free time, Nathalie can often be found at the bar of A.S.V. Taste with her year club or sorority.

Lotte Kattenberg – Internal affairs

Lotte Kattenberg, the board-viking from the lovely northern Norway, will be engaged this year with the internal affairs of the association. She will be spotted making committee schedules and taking care of the Astatine-fish in the boardroom. The last thing is not really strange if you know that Norway has a coastline of 25.148 km and Lotte used to swim a lot. However, now she exchanged her swimming cap for a basketball and uses the advantage of her length with the matches. In the history of S.V.A.T. Astatine, Lotte is the second person who actively has the function of internal affairs and shapes the function entirely to her way of life. She can therefore be found a lot as well with our brother associations to tighten the contact with them. Lotte stands for fun, tackling all problems, foreign and Dutch, a big smile even after a late night, sports(wo)manship and involvement in both the board and the association. 

Email them at 10ebestuur@astatine.utwente.nl

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