The ITco is the IT committee within Astatine. They take care of all IT-related stuff within Astatine, both hardware and software. For example:

  • Anna The webapp that makes it easy to create, adapt and distribute minutes for our meetings
  • ASS The Astatine Snack System, for all you late-night cravings
  • Allison The Activities Layout Leaflet Including Some Overwhelming News. This is where you can sign up for Astatine Activities

Sidenote: We will NOT fix your computer!

Kasper Hendriks
Bas Koster
Teun van der Molen
Carlmaykel Orman
Robert Roos
Jasper van der Schaaf
Maximillian Stein
Tom Veldman
Dries Cavelaars
Thijs Hamstra
Benjamin Meijerink
Julia Vendrig
Jelle Idzenga
Carlo Boeve
Ilse Grootte Bromhaar
Joschka Beck
Jan Roelvink


Board contact:
Jan den Uijl