The ITco is the IT committee within Astatine. They take care of all IT related stuff within the ITco. For example:

Anna, The webapp that makes it easy to create, adapt and distribute minutes for our meetings
Astaat, our lovely server that hosts all our webapps
Coffeeping, the webapp that shows if there is coffee and how old the coffee is.

Sidenote: We will NOT fix your computer!

Daphne van Dijken
Thomas Ganzeboom
Kasper Hendriks
Robin Hoogervorst
Bas Koster
Teun van der Molen
Carlmaykel Orman
Reinier Overmaat
Rober Roost
Jasper van der Schaaf
Jan Smits
Maximillian Stein
Judith Tel
Christophe van der Walt
Rens Werink
Tom Veldman
Famke Sprakel
Niels Adams


Board contact:
Ralph Brantjes