On the fifth of December, all beware Astatine had a party in the TAP, their local bar,
On the floors and tables just about everywhere peppernuts were sprinkled and filled up a jar.
There were Sinterklaas themed songs of rock, pop, and even some rap,
Everyone was cheerful all night long, except for a few that got hit by the traps.
Because the night is dark an full of terrors, winter is coming beware the ice,
But not tonight, a night so very bright with all the loving girls and guys.
Games were played, and gifts were won,
Sinterklaas was a bit delayed but did not fail to come.

Thanks all for attending the party, it was fun and let’s do it again.



Lithium Werks

On the morning of the 21st of November, we had an excursion to Lithium Werks. The excursion started with a presentation about the organisation of the company, after which we got to have a look at the production process. The morning ended with a lovely high tea which some employees joined as well, so we got to talk with them about their experience at the company. 

We want to thank Lithium Werks for having us and organising the amazing excursion!

InnoEnergy Lunch Lecture

Yesterday, Sjoerd Kraaijenhof gave a presentation on behalf of InnoEnergy about the possible master courses they offer and his own experience with the renewable energy track. We would like to thank him for his interesting presentation!

NiCat 2018

Last weekend the NiCat was held: the introduction camp for the first year students. During the weekend the first years bonded over a lot of fun activities and games.
Thank you to everyone who helped in organising this unforgettable weekend!

The after-movie of the NICAT 2018

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