A picture says more than 1000 words. So what better way to be reminded of Astatine’s activities than to have pictures of them? The FlitCie is responsible for making, selecting and editing the photos of all the Astatine events.


Bram ter Elst
Carlmaykel Orman

Niccolo de Vries
Finn Slots
Jasmijn Oude Nijhuis
Alucia Porsius Martins
Fenna de Oude
Rainer Laurens
Egor Semin
Ivan Potkin
Florian Buckwaldt
Harm van Mierlo
Helena Cwalina
Janine Bosma
Lucas de Groot
Mihai Garabagiu
Bob van Steijnen
Lieke Hendriks



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Finn Slots

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