We are the IMCO, also known as the Integrating of Members Committee, or just simply the International Committee. In the IMCO borders do not separate us. In fact, diversity and multiculturalism is what attracts us all!
The IMCO is responsible for creating fun activities where members can learn from each other’s culture. These are often done with games and food because Julius Caesar said that it satisfies the population of his empire. The same holds for the empire of S.A. Astatine, where the population enjoys fun activities, drinks and food. This is one of the many things that connect all of us, and this has become an important factor for the IMCO.
Furthermore the IMCO focusses on the integration of members and mapping the wishes of international students within the association. With internationalization, we make sure no one is left out and every member of Astatine can have fun within our study association!


Ivan Potkin
Louisa Hafferl
Laura Rodriguez Comas
Moritz Tomczak
Mihai Garabagiu
Olga Siemieniuk
Olecia Bakay
Ameya Enrenreich
Ivana Bosnjak


Board contact:
Ivan Potkin

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