2015-2016 (11th Board)

From left to right: Jornt Lageveen, Dave Vogel, Alexander Dijkshoorn, Jeroen Minnema, Mark Rijntalder, Matthias Vermeer and Kevin Rouwenhorst

The 14th of September 2015 was a special day, as Astatine inaugurated its very first entirely part-time board, seven men strong. The 11th board constituted as follows:

  • Chairman: Jeroen Minnema
  • Secretary & Commissioner of Educational Affairs: Alexander Dijkshoorn
  • Treasurer: Mark Rijntalder
  • Commissioner of External Affairs: Dave Vogel
  • Commissioner of External Affairs Matthias Vermeer
  • Commissioner of Internal Affairs: Jornt Lageveen
  • Commissioner of General Affairs: Kevin Rouwenhorst

Together they formed the board during Astatine’s second lustrum year 2015-2016.

The start of the second amazing lustrum took place on the 9th of November, by changing the entire University of Twente into the University of AT for a single day! In the following month, 14 lustrum activities took place, including a murder mystery dinner, our very own escape room as well as an awesome party in the Crazy Kangaroe. The theme numbers came around on countless occasions representing the diversity of AT students.

Members have made Astatine the awesome association it has been for the past ten years and are of crucial importance for proper functioning of the association. Therefore, the motto has been ‘One for all and all for one!’. With the KaDiCo, the committee responsible for keeping the Astatine rooms open when the board is not present, Astatine has been as alive as it has been during previous years. With around 120 active members at peak, Astatine has been breathing activism in 2015-2016! Committees were guided by committee guiders, which were very active members, and just as to the KaDiCo, we want to say thank you to them! We think the members are the heart of the association (they are the General Assembly after all), and we have also been working to increase the amount and diversity of members. We did this by starting the investigation on the incorporation of Nanotechnology within the association. During the Kick-In of 2016, we subscribed the first Nanotechnology students during the transition period. After the board year Astatine had some money left for a profit division, and from this, we bought sustainable and long-lasting attributes. Now people can pay their drinks in the TAP digitally, and drink and eat during BBQs at Astatine beer tables.

Although we have decided to do a board year to be there for our members, we were very delighted when we got honoured by the Student Union. Our resignation was accompanied by winning the More Than a Degree Award: Best Part-Time board, for which we are very grateful. Serving the members of Astatine has been a great pleasure and has brought us many memorable moments and experiences, which we will treasure as we continue new adventures.

One for all and all for one! Op de hoogste!

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