2005-2006 (1st Board)

S.V.A.T. Astatine was officially founded on the 23rd of December, 2005. Responsible for this event were Stefan van Nierop, Brigitte Bruijns, Mark van Schagen and Jouke Hofman. They were, not coincidentally, the first board of the association.

From Left-Right: Jouke Hofman, Brigitte Bruijns, Stefan van Nierop, Mark van Schagen

  • Chairman: Stefan van Nierop
  • Secretary: Brigitte Bruijns
  • Treasurer: Mark van Schagen
  • Commissioner of External Affairs: Jouke Hofman

Stefan van Nierop about the first year of AT and the founding of Astatine:

“When the first AT students arrived, there was no corresponding study association, because the staff did not find it necessary to have a dedicated study association. So an arrangement was made with Arago and Alembic, to take in the Advanced Technology students. This arrangement did not work very well, the three committees (KaCo, ECO and Ouccie) were performing well, but the guidance from Arago and Alembic was limited. When the chairmen and secretaries of the associations talked about the matter, they quickly came to the best solution. As undertaking as the AT students are, they took matters into their own hands and decided that it was best if there was a dedicated study association and so, Astatine was born.”

Brigitte Bruijns about the name Astatine:

“A dedicated study association for AT had to come in existence one day. The name was picked on a cosy pizza-night. PlATo was seen as a good possibility, but the 85th element became a reality in the end, although not everybody liked the idea of it. S.V.A.T. Astatine is the name which was made official on the 23rd of December, 2005.”

A lot has to be done in the first year of a new association. During this process, Astatine was aided by the associations of C.T.S.G. Alembic and S.V. Arago.

Mark van Schagen about the cooperation with other associations:

“The AT students want their own association, but are we really happy about that? That was a popular question amongst other campus-related associations. Will that affect our sponsoring, our ‘graduation months’? However, on the other side, it is good for AT students to have their own association. We managed to convince them and received aid and tips from all sides. In the end, you have to invent the wheel yourself, but it makes it easier if you get some help from other associations.”

A number of milestones of the 1st year of existence are:

  • The participation in the Batavierenrace with a team existing only out of AT students, this was an initiative from the students themselves.
  • A variety of excursions were organized. 
  • The Sinterklaas celebration, with which Bernard Boukamp, a staff member, took the role of Sinterklaas.
  • The movie night.
  • The founding of the Ateam.

Saskia Schildkamp about setting up a team for the Batavierenrace:

“Months before the actual race, all rental vans had been reserved in the whole of Netherlands, and the sports committee has been busy to arrange the registration of a team for the largest student’s relay race in Europe, the Batavierenrace! This is the first year that a team of S.V.A.T. Astatine (the ATeam) participated in the race. As commissioner responsible for the Bata, I had the honours to form this team, create some team spirit and encourage them to at least train once before the race. It was a great time!”

In June 2006, the first Astatine-BBQ was held. This would later become a tradition in which the BBQ-committee would also be the candidate board for the following year.

Pim Rossen about the BBQ-committee:

After the first Astatine-BBQ, it became an event for everybody who felt associated with AT. The following year, we made it to another great success, together with students, staff and teachers. Besides that, it created the BBQ-committee, which would be the candidate board for the following year.”

The organisation of the faculty introduction in August is another thing which returns every year. Organizing this is a massive job since many activities have to be organised together with CT, AT and TN, for a total of 150 new students.

Jeroen Jansen on the introduction committee CT, AT and TN (ICAN):

“Soon after the start of AT in 2004, an introduction committee was formed in cooperation with TN and CT. This committee, which had the goal of organising the faculty introduction, is a great success ever since. Every year, the committee picks a theme which has something to do with the general introduction theme of the year, decided by the IK. The last few years, the freshmen have been entertained with themes like pICANt, rIsCANt and Sambal Bij?! Although the introduction is a very wearing period, it stays one of the best activities of the year!”

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