2006-2007 (2nd Board)

The 1st board was relieved of their duty by handing the tasks over to the 2nd board.

From Left-Right: Pim Rossen, Alexander Louwes, Simon Reuvenkamp, Jelle van der Veen

  • Chairman: Simon Reuvekamp
  • Secretary: Jelle van der Veen
  • Treasurer: Alexander Louwes
  • Commissioner of External Affairs: Pim Rossen

The milestones for this year were the symposium and the short trip abroad, which were organised for the first time. The symposium was hosted in cooperation with Alembic, the trip abroad together with Arago.

Bram Burkink about the symposium:

“The symposium was an excellent opportunity for Chemical Technology and Advanced Technology to show how much overlap there is between their education. The technology combines and shows where there are possibilities. A different theme every year, and in cooperation with another bachelor program is the proof that you can organise big events by cooperation.”

Ruud Meulenbroek about the BuCom:

“Early 2006, Astatine’s board was asked by S.V. Arago to inform their students that they had places left for AT students in their short trip abroad. Eventually, eleven AT students joined the TN students in a trip to Denmark, and they had a great trip. This is the reason that we founded the BuCom in 2007, as a combined committee with Arago. From Astatine, Jeroen Jansen, Maarten Flink and Ruud Meulenbroek, and the journey to, among others, CERN and Paris were a great success. There were even twice as many registrations as we had places available!”

The celebration of Astatine’s first birthday was a big event.

Jelle van der Veen about the Dies-celebration:

“Astatine’s first birthday was on Saturday the 23rd of December 2007. In honour of this memorable event, the celebration took place on Wednesday the 20th of December. The atmosphere was perfect, an afternoon at which ordinary members, unordinary members and staff members were present while enjoying a lunch set up by the ATAC. It was also the day that the 2nd board presented a gift to the 1st board and the selling of Astatine sweaters started. The sales ended about 30 minutes later when all 40 sweaters were sold!”

Excursions and (sportive) activities were organised in large numbers this year, like the excursion the Shell and Grolsch, both of which were a great success. The activities committee organised, among others, a pool evening and two poker nights. These activities were well visited. The sports committee arranged a sport’s day and formed a team for the Batavierenrace again.

Ellen Norde about organising excursions:

“The first excursion organised by the ATEC dates back to the 19th of January 2006: an excursion to Urenco, Almelo. It was a good start of a series of excursions which this committee has organised up to this point. In the process, large firms like Oc? and Shell were visited, but the smaller companies also had our attention, like the excursion to Maser Engineering. It is all interesting, but above all very much fun to attend. The exciting excursions, like to the AKI and the Grolsch factory have added to a legendary footprint.”

Robert Kommer about the ATAC-activities:

“The year of 2006/2007 was a great year for the ATAC. Firstly, the name ATAC was picked, after which the activities followed. The first success was a poker evening, which was repeated a year later because of the success of the previous year. A sumptuous lunch was arranged for the Dies, at which the attendance was high, therefore rightfully creating a beautiful birthday for Astatine. In May, which later became June, a paintball activity was organised. And then I have not said anything about Christmas, Sinterklaas, Pub quizzes and pool games. “

Matthijs Oomen about the sportive activities:

“In the second year of existence of Astatine, the sports committee was founded, to arrange the sportive activities of Astatine. We organised a sport’s day, on which five teams battled in different types of sports like knotsbal, dodgeball and soccer. Another milestone was the formation of two soccer teams for the yearly StAf-tournament, organised by vv Drienerlo. These teams, unfortunately, did not make it through the first few games, but they did make much fun in the process!”

It was also the time of the creation of a periodic magazine, the ATtentie. It was the fruit of the hard work performed by the ATtenCie.

Maarten Flink about creating the ATtentie:

“During the excursion to Oc?, in September 2006, Renzo van Kleef and I were asked by the candidate board of the time to establish a periodic magazine for Astatine. After the installation of the candidate board in the official board, we started work on getting a name, making a layout and obtaining some texts. This way, the first ATtentie saw daylight in November 2006, still simple and thin. The rest of the year saw many adjustments made on the contents and layout. In the end, the ATtentie was twice as thick as the first edition.”

In cooperation with the other TNW-associations Alembic and Arago, we organised a large party, the Triple-A-party.

Alexander Louwes about the Triple-A:

“On Tuesday the 22nd of May, 2007, the incredibly fancy Triple-A Rainbow Party took place. The Triple-A associations of the faculty TNW (Alembic, Arago and Astatine) organised this grandeur event, according to the Caribbean tinted TNW-party in 2006. The Aspen Valley was transformed by thousands of different colours of clothing, decoration and types of people. The guests didn’t hesitate to wear extremely colourful clothing and create a good party, partying their way to the summer!”

A very different kind of party, a prom, was first organised in cooperation with the other study associations located in the Horst.

Maaike Heitink about the prom:

“Together with three other study associations, we organised the yearly prom. After a few months of careful conferencing and planning, we obtained a great location and hired a swinging live band with a large poker table!”

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