2009-2010 (5th Board)

From Left-Right: Enzo Meijer, Felix Segers, Annegreet Boekeloo, Pim Momberg and Hein Verputten

  • Chairman: Annegreet Boekeloo
  • Secretary: Felix Segers
  • Treasurer: Pim Momberg
  • Commissioner of Educational Affairs: Enzo Meijer
  • Commissioner of External Affairs: Hein Verputten

During the year it was decided that Advanced Technology would become an English bachelor. It required changes all around the 7th floor of the Horst; all teachers would have to speak English which might be troublesome. However, also, Astatine had to change its language and the way it would communicate with its members. All kinds of documents were translated, it was investigated how other associations had dealt with this situation before, would there be a difference between the German students which were already coming and students from further abroad? Preparations and discussions were ongoing during the year while it was not clear whether it would be a success. Towards the end of the year, it was becoming clear that all effort had been worth it because it was predicted that about half of the students would be from abroad!

For already some time it was clear that our borrelkelder ‘de Tombe’ in the Hogekamp would close after being used by Astatine together with Arago the last year and a half, but no alternative was found yet. During this year, many locations were mentioned as an option and were dismissed for one reason or the other, some of these locations: the high-pressure lab ‘HDL’, basement of the Horst, the Biomagnetisch lab, De Stek and Unionbar in the Bastille, a new building in between the Horst-Ring and the Meander and many more. Unfortunately, the Tombe was closed before a new location was found; however we didn’t allow this to pass with a bang, therefore, a 24h drink was organised by Astatine, Arago and Scintilla to memorate this location. After that Astatine was borrelkelderloos for some time, luckily we could use other borrelkelders from time to time, but that wasn’t the same.

As well the association was becoming old, next year we would celebrate our fifth birthday. This celebration would include a lustrum week, and preparations had to start way in advance. A group of 8 formed a committee, including members from nearly all years, in this way they could make a programme which would be interesting for everyone!

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