Zeton Excursion

On the afternoon of 4 February, enthusiastic members of Astatine cycled from the university to Zeton, in the hopes of finding out more about their engineering, design and fabrication services. We were greeted with a warm welcome and given some more details about the company’s operations through a presentation. Afterwards, Thomas Ladrak, one of Zeton’s sales managers, showed us videos the moving of a pilot plant from the factory and eventual to their final location. Now that we had a good idea of their operations and the excitement was built up, it was time to have a peak into the factory. Finally, our excursion ended with a drink where we could socialise with more of Zeton’s employees. They even treated us to a lovely goodie bag.

All in all, we really enjoyed the excursion. Thank you Iwan and Zeton for helping to organise this event!

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