Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

Recently we held a Bob Ross painting tutorial where members could explore their creative sides and enjoying a relaxing evening after a long day of coursework. We all painted the same picturesque mountain sunset scene on canvas, but somehow each person’s painting turned out differently. We experimented with the oil paints uniquely and all had our very own “happy little accidents”. Nevertheless, each work of art turned out beautifully and we were all very happy with the results.

Astatine ski trip 2020

In February 2020, Astatine visited the ski resort of Risoul with 18 people. For a full 6 days, we explored the region’s slopes and mountains. Unfortunately no picture a the highest point of Risoul but a nice picture of us at the après-ski.

Zeton Excursion

On the afternoon of 4 February, enthusiastic members of Astatine cycled from the university to Zeton, in the hopes of finding out more about their engineering, design and fabrication services. We were greeted with a warm welcome and given some more details about the company’s operations through a presentation. Afterwards, Thomas Ladrak, one of Zeton’s sales managers, showed us videos the moving of a pilot plant from the factory and eventual to their final location. Now that we had a good idea of their operations and the excitement was built up, it was time to have a peak into the factory. Finally, our excursion ended with a drink where we could socialise with more of Zeton’s employees. They even treated us to a lovely goodie bag.

All in all, we really enjoyed the excursion. Thank you Iwan and Zeton for helping to organise this event!

The Sint Drink

The ATAC coordinated an awesome edition of our annual Sinterklaas Activity. The evening was filled with fun mini games and a guest appearance from Sinterklaas himself. Full disclosure it was actually Advanced Technology’s very own Programme Director, Herbert Wormeester. He came dressed for the part with his helpers and sacks full of gifts! He told us some tales about the year so far which were hilarious and then gave out gifts to all of the attendees. The rest of the evening was spent admiring our gifts, playing mini games and just chatting and enjoying the holiday spirit.