Our new Member of Merit: Laura Rodriguez Comas!

We are overjoyed to announce our newest Member of Merit: Laura Rodriguez Comas!!🥳

Last week, during the 51st GA Laura was unanimously voted to become a Member of Merit due to her continued activism and the work she put into Astatine. What Laura has done for the association is near-impossible to put into words, but we will try it anyway:

Laura made sure that every single member of Astatine always felt included, especially international members. She pushed for English to become the primary language of Astatine, and still is the first in a group to yell ‘spiegel’. Laura was a part of the 14th Board and during this year she never shied away from starting up new initiatives and making sure everyone felt at home at Astatine. After her board year, Laura put much effort into the continuity of the association. She joined many committees as an experienced member and joined the RvA to help newer boards out. During COVID-19 Laura’s motivation and enthusiasm was a vital factor in Astatine’s survival during this period.

If you see Laura around give her a big thank you, as without her Astatine would not be as it is today.🧡

Excursion ETC & Urenco 27th of June

On the 27th of June, we visited ETC & Urenco to see what future jobs for our students could look like. Together with C.T.S.G. Alembic, we boarded the bus with a total of 32 students and left just before lunch for Almelo. Once we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by ETC, and a luxurious lunch was served. The day began! After lunch, we received a presentation about ETC and their partners/daughter companies. This presentation was accompanied by a tour of their facilities, guided by highly skilled engineers who could provide insights into every aspect, from carbon rollers to electron beam welding. They have it all.

After the tour, we had a closing presentation and then headed to Urenco. At Urenco, they demonstrated how they enrich uranium using ETC gas centrifuge technology. By utilizing these well-designed technologies, Urenco supplies approximately 25% of the worldwide demand for nuclear power plant fuel. The day concluded after a tour of their facilities. It was amazing to witness the precision and care with which they handle all the radioactive materials. From taking good care of their employees to conducting numerous safety checks, Urenco ensures a safe environment for facilitating a greener future.

The 18th board

The 18th board of S.A. Astatine was formally constituted on September 8, 2022. The 17th board of S.A. Astatine was dismissed and the following six individuals were simultaneously tasked to proudly lead the study association for the upcoming year during the GMA, which traditionally lasted well into the evening.

  • Maaike Strik – Chairwoman
  • Joschka Beck – Secretary & Commissioner of internationalization
  • Lars van den Burg – Treasurer
  • Mees van Deijl – Commissioner of Educational Affairs
  • Matthijs Sluijk – Commissioner of External Affairs
  • Joep Meussen – Commissioner of Internal Affairs
(from left to right: Joep Meussen, Mees van Deijl, Joschka Beck, Maaike Strik, Lars van den Burg, Matthijs Sluijk)

BUCOM 2022

The Astatine Europe trip

This year we were finally able to have a BUCOM (our Europe trip) again. The BUCOM spend a lot of time organizing this trip to Freiburg, Grenoble, Barcelona, Toulouse and Paris including some very interesting excursions. With 57 Student we visited universities in both Grenoble and Barcelona and had a tour at Airbus. Besides these excursions we enjoyed a lot of cultural sightseeing, cafe’s, restaurants and the various nightlife’s in the various cities.

Thanks to the committee for organizing this amazing and successful trip.

Op de hoogste!


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