NiCat 2018

Last weekend the NiCat was held: the introduction camp for the first year students. During the weekend the first years bonded over a lot of fun activities and games.
Thank you to everyone who helped in organising this unforgettable weekend!

The after-movie of the NICAT 2018

Kick-In 2018

Today the academic year has started! The first year students already got to know our wonderful University and Association during the Kick-In.

Happy Summer Break!

The 13th board would like to wish everyone a happy summer break. We want to thank everybody for a fantastic year and would hopefully see you back on the 3rd of September!

The Candidate Board of S.A. Astatine

Yesterday, on the 16th of May, the yearly announcement BBQ for the Candidate Board was held. With the following division:

Rik Seelen – Chairman
Jons Bolding – Secretary
Bram Schotpoort – Treasurer
Laura Rodriguez Comas – Educational Affairs
Laura Berkhof – External Relations
Ralph Brantjes – Internal Affairs

From left to right: Ralph, Laura RC. Jons, Rik, Laura B, Bram

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