NiCat 2018

Last weekend the NiCat was held: the introduction camp for the first year students. During the weekend the first years bonded over a lot of fun activities and games.
Thank you to everyone who helped in organising this unforgettable weekend!

The after-movie of the NICAT 2018

Kick-In 2018

Today the academic year has started! The first year students already got to know our wonderful University and Association during the Kick-In.

Happy Summer Break!

The 13th board would like to wish everyone a happy summer break. We want to thank everybody for a fantastic year and would hopefully see you back on the 3rd of September!

Tecnotion Scholarship

Tecnotion is a big player in the drive-motor technology; they are specialised in the production and development of motors with direct drive. Innovation is one of their biggest points in the company because of this they want to get to know young talent and help young talent during their studies. They want to achieve this with the help of a Tecnotion Scholarship, for first years UT-master students. For more information click here (text is in Dutch).